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Early History

Brevard County Florida

Monday June 25, 2018

Brevard County was brought into existance in 1854 when it's boundries extended all the way down toward present day Miami-Dade County and was named after Theodore Brevard (Florida Comptroller) at it's creation. Brevard eventually was subdivided and in 1905 became what is now modern Brevard County lines.

Shell mounds and other archiolgocial sites indicate native inhabitants as far back as 10-12 thousand years ago where settlements along the Indian River have been excavated and preserved. Two tribes known as the Timucuans and Ais where well recorded when the Spanish arrived and have long since gone and possibly incorporated into present day Seminoles and Cuba.

Canaveral got it's name from the earliest Spanish Explorers that shipwrecked. Fort Ann was built in 1837 on the east shore of the Indian River near present day Haulover Canal. Douglas Dummett and others began to settle the Merritt Island and other remote regions as they grew fruit and tended to farms. Indians gave way to war and Brevard County soon established itself with small communities near Titusville and further south toward Eau Gallie.

After the civil war Brevard County remained largely unsettled, but slowly emerged with towns and settlements growing near Titusville, Rockledge and Melbourne. Water was the primary way for the earliest settlers to begin to come to Brevard County until the Railway emerged and the coming of WWII. After the war, Brevard County started to become the county we know today.

Brevard County Florida's earliest history prior to the 20th century from the native inhabitants to western discovery and pioneers that settled here prior to the 20th century.

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